W5AZN.COM Texas Maritime Museum
Rockwall Lighthouse

"Happy New Year Thoughts"

Thanks to all for all the "spots.."
And all the contacts grand,
We had great fun down on the coast
Upon that Texas sand!

But now, with vertical packed away,
We look now to the scores,
And off to work -- another day,
So long .. to distant shores!

For all those ARLHS'ers
And all the DXers too,
We send our thanks and all our love,
from W5TLH to you!

We sure enjoyed our little "shack"
Inside dear Halfmoon Reef
And thanks to Port Aransas
For an experience so sweet!

Deserted island was just fine,
For hearing other lights,
Watch out for snakes and creatures there!
"I'm outta hear come night!"

We had such fun with Millie Dog,
And picnics at the park,
We made a hundred contacts til
Mosquitos joined us at dark!

So off we go.. to clean the mess..
With sand in every bag,
We'll never forget the QSO's
The great contacts we had,

Until next time, when we are out,
Remember this in parting..
Much fun awaits.. more lights to see..
2006 is starting!!

Patty, W5AZO