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Unted CB Association
United CB Association
Dallas, Texas c. 1964

KKV-2564 QSL Card
KKV-2564 QSL CARD 1964


Sidney Martin - N5VOO Silent Key

Sid Martin was first licensed as KKV-2564 in 1964 and was a co-founder of the
United CB Association. Later he held the amatuer radio callsign N5VOO.
Sid was active on packet radio in the early 90's.
He and passed away in 1996.


Sid - N5VOO /SK
Gonset Citizens Communicator
First rig Gonset G-12

Reprinted from the SHARK Newsletter August 1996:

Sid Martin N5VOO by Sid Martin

Began hamming in 1991 at the insistence of my son, KB5AZN and his XYL, KB5AZO. On the 4th of July holiday like this last one on Thursday my son Jim started a cram course on Thursday morning and finished Friday night the 5th. He had prearranged testing while still at home in Dallas at a Library near a radio shop where Dave, KB5NX, sometimes moonlights. That Saturday morning I passed novice and tech without code.

My license is dated on my birthday of August 14th. Packet was getting reliable on the Rose Network and Jim and I had daily QSO's, which we enjoyed very much. During Rose problems we could interface with the late Bill Bass and WB5CQV-3 in Denton county and at least continue the messages.

Once I was a big CB'er which I gave up in 1966 when it ceased being fun. To this day I seldom enjoy 2 meter phone but still enjoy packet and now Internet. In fact I just got an interesting message from Tallanen, Estonia by HF packet to Zurich, Switzerland and then Internet to me. I find it facinating. Packet does require a TNC and a computer, so you learn to operate computers as a plus. Maybe I will upgrade my license and fight the battle of code but I can be very happy as a codeless tech.

In the meantime that son Jim has made Xtra Class and has ALL commercial licenses on his wall now. Enjoy hamming!

(note from the editor)

I would like to add that Sid is a very interesting person to get to know. He is a real Texas History buff and I don't think there is anything that he doesn't know about the subject. You will come out on the richer side after talking with Sid for awhile. I know I did.

Sid is married to a lovely lady, named Annie and I must admit she knows as much about baking as Sid does on Texas History. If you don't believe me just show up at one of the picnics when she has brought some of her pies.

Take time to visit with Sid. He can be reached on packet via Rose.

Sid was a member of the Sam Houston Amateur Radio Klub.