W5AZN.COM Texas Maritime Museum

Lantern Room

A Light is Lit

If it's a light to light the way
And shows its light in darkness
And offers calm to sailors near
Its a light to ARLHS

If it is old, but still can stand
A radio operator, talkie in hand,
To make 2 contacts on one band
It's a light to ARLHS

If it has fallen in rubbled yard
And Keeper's lit in weather hard
Historic light it still remains
In ARLHS refrains!

And if you question what I say,
Take it to Jim and Ted today!
Head to the Archives in D.C.
To discover the truth for you and me!

But remember a light once lit is fair
And treasure the friends we have, so rare,
Each member tries to do what's best,
For all of us - ARLHS!

de Patty, W5AZO
October 26, 2004