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Connie Small
"Lighthouse Keeper's Wife", died at the age of 103 on January 25, 2005.

She and her husband were lighthouse keepers of the Porthsmouth Lighthouse from 1946-1948.

Lady of Light

Her thoughts - poetic beauty
spoke to me of days gone by,
Her life a "lighthouse" in itself
For us to somehow steer by..

Getting to know this one true gem
through stories told by coal-burned fire,
How sad to see that light go out,
Of which I'd never tire,

So, Connie as you leave this earth
Move on towards distant shore,
Remember, we know your love of life
The history of your lore,

You inspired me, this little one
To lift my lamp on high,
Though not a lighthouse keeper's wife,
I know that I will try..

To tell the lighthouse tales we know
And share our own adventures,
In all events and places we go,
As members and activators!

So, Connie.. as you cross that bar,
And look back towards the shore,
Know that you've left legacy of light,
We hope to treasure it more!

Patty - W5AZO