W5AZN.COM Texas Maritime Museum

Christmas at Half Moon Reef

“ Holiday Greeting”

To all of our friends around this great land,
Who work on the 20 and 40 meter band,
Who activate lights in that new fallen snow
With antennas giving luster to objects below.
And all those who treck with their reindeer in tow,
To give us those contacts, they'd get out and row!
And to all of the spouses who put up with our chatter,
Who spring from their couches to see “what is the matter!”
We're just screaming for lighthouses.. out on the trail,
And no, we've not fallen or lost our minds on that ale!
It's just that we're crazy t make “worked all states,”
Waiting for Alaska , we stay up oh so late,
So keep bringing those cookies and cocoa t the shack,
And don't worry.. we love you too, we'll be there in a smack
Just have one more contact “for those points”, sugar pie,
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!
As I sit here and gaze at the frost-covered panes,
I thought I heard Santa – but I couldn't explain..
Maybe it's just static.. from the old 820 speaker,
I'll check it tomorrow… when I find my best tweaker.
And clean out this shack with its stack f QSL's
And ditch those old magazines with musty smells,
But how could I do that… there's still more to read,
An article waiting… something later I'll need!
And who could throw out even ONE of those cards?
From lighthouse friends – from near and so far!
I guess it can wait and I'll find a new resolution,
After just this one “contest” I'll find a solution.
So back the radio, back to the coast,
A ham radio dream – somewhat different than most;
Off to the sand hills… or off to the snow..
Merry Christmas dear ARLHS'ers.. wherever you go!
All the best to our friends.

Patty W5AZO and her OM , Jim W5AZN