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Half Moon Reef Lighthouse


Location: Port Lavaca, Calhoun County, Texas.
Bay Front Park, west end of causeway on SH35, adjacent to Port Lavaca Convention Center.

Historic Location: N 28 deg 33 min 04 sec W 96 deg 15 min 21 sec

Viewing: Open to the public. This light is not operational as a navigation aid. Originally located in Matagorda Bay, this lighthouse has been moved twice and now serves as a tourist attraction.

Brief History: Historical marker text: Constructed in 1858, this three-story hexagonal lighthouse was originally located in Matagorda Bay, at the southern tip of Half Moon reef. The beacon served as an aid to ships trading in Port Lavaca and the nearby town of Indianola (14 mi. SE). During the Civil War the light was disabled by Confederate troops in an attempt to disrupt federal efforts to capture southern blockade runners. The lighthouse was restored to full operation in 1868 and remained in service until 1943 when it was moved to Point Comfort (7 mi. NE). It was relocated here in 1979.

Construction Type & Design: Hexagonal wooden tower, white with green trim, on roof of keeper's quarters; iron screw pile foundation.

Tower Height: Unknown.

Height of Light Above Water: Unknown.

Light Type: Fourth order fresnel lens, fixed red.