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Fort Point Lighthouse


IOTA Number: NA-143

Location: Galveston, Galveston County, Texas.
Off the northeast end of Galveston Island.

From the 1902 Lights and Fog Signals of the United States:

“Off the northeasterly end of Galveston Island, Tex., southerly side of Bolivar Channel, easterly side of the channel along the wharves of Galveston, and about 4 miles to westward of the entrance to the channel between the jetties.”

Viewing: This lighthouse no longer exists and generally speaking there is no public access. The site is now part of the U.S. Coast Guard Station at Galveston Island. There is a good view of the Coast Guard Station from Sea Wolf Park on nearby Pelican Island (also the historic site of Pelican Spit lighthouse USA – 1180).

Brief History: The Fort Point lighthouse was in operation for about 28 years. Built in 1881, the light was downgraded to a fog signal station in 1909. The station was decommissioned in 1950.

Construction Type & Design: The lighthouse was a white hexagonal screw-pile structure: piles red, blinds green, lantern and dome black. The light was connected to the jetty by a 195 foot walkway, 10 feet above high tide.

Height of Light Above Water: 47.5 feet.

Light Type: Fourth order fresnel lens, fixed white with three red and two dark sectors. The lantern showed a red panel to mark the angle of the jetty and a new channel entrance.