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LOCATION : Morgan's Point, Chambers County, Texas
Junction of Buffalo Bayou and the San Jacinto River.

Viewing: This lighthouse no longer exists. Nothing remains today except for the underwater pilings. The closest you may drive to the former location from the east side of the channel is along the Tri City Beach Road south of Baytown, or from the west, in the community of Morgan's Point.

Brief History: 1854 - 1880. Clopper's Bar Lighthouse marked a dangerously shallow oyster reef and mud flat between Morgan's Point and Cedar Point at the entrance to the San Jacinto River into Upper Galveston Bay. The lighthouse was not badly damaged during the Civil War. A temporary light was in installed in 1869 until the light was fully restored by the next year. By 1880 the lighthouse had become a daymark. The Houston Ship Channel was dredged a few hundred yards to the west and the lighthouse was no longer needed for navigation.

Construction Type & Design: Lantern on cottage-style screw pile structure, a square building painted white. A fog bell was installed in 1873.

Height of Light Above Water: 35 feet.

Light Type: Fifth order Fresnel lens. Visible 10-12 miles.