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Bolivar Point Lighthouse


Also known as Point Bolivar Lighthouse

Location: Bolivar, Galveston County, Texas.

This lighthouse is on Highway 87 near the Bolivar-Galveston ferry landing, just south of Hwy 87 and Loop 108.

Viewing: This lighthouse is on private property so there is no public access, but the light is visible from Highway 87. A good place to see the lighthouse is at Fort Travis Seashore Park (from the ferry take Hwy. 87 north, turn right on Loop 108). Also, you may get close-up photos by taking Everett St. (just off Loop 108 going the opposite direction from Hwy. 87) which dead-ends at the lighthouse, be respectful of private property, this is someone's home.

History: Historical Marker: A lighthouse, erected here by the Federal government in 1852 and later dismantled by Confederate soldiers during the Civil War, was rebuilt after the war. Many area residents sought shelter within the lighthouse during the damaging storms of 1900 and 1915.

Construction Type & Design: Conical brick tower sheathed in iron plates.

Tower Height: 116 feet.

Height of Focal Plane: 117 feet.

Light Type: 1857 Third order Fresnel lens.

1873 First order Fresnel lens.

1918 Second order Fresnel lens.